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Late. Vaidh Pandit. Ramgopal  Late. Pandit. Mahesh Pahalwan

In India, Dal Ka Masala were first invented in 1908 by Late Vaidh Pt. Ram Gopal Chaturvedi. After his death in 1937, his son, Late Pt. Mahesh Pahalwan worked hard to bring the spices in every home of India. In 1983, Pt. Mahesh Pahalwan also passed away.

At present, the spices are being manufactured in care of Pt. Mahesh’s sons and grandsons. Initially, there were only a few products were manufactured like Dal Masala, Ramvan Vati, Hajma Churn, Lavan Baskar Churn, Sulemani Chatani, Anar Dana Goli, etc. Because all the work was done by the family members only.

It was never taken as a complete profession but as a mission where total attention is paid towards the quality, purity and buy of raw-materials. At the same time, the manufacturing process is in the care of the family members. That is why none can challenge the quality of the products.

At present, several spices like Chat Masala, Garm Masala, Chana Masala, Kasoori Maithi, Haldi Powder, Dhania Powder, mrich Powder, Aamchoor, Jeera, Ajvain, Rai, Sonph, etc. are being processed and packed by ‘Chaube Ji Ke Masala’ Company. All the products are approved by Agmark, Government of India.