Our Process

We at Chaubejee's spices hold our customer’s health to be our topmost priority. All the spices entering our facility go through stringent quality checks. The final product you get is after the raw spices are subjected to an extensive cleaning and production process.


Procurement & Pre-cleaning:
Our quality assurance starts from the scrutiny of vendors. Checking every package of raw spices that enter our premises, we weed out the unwanted impurities from the first step onwards.

Cleaning the spices thoroughly we make sure that the dust and small impurities clinging on the raw materials from the fields wash off before going into processing.


Roasting & Grinding:
Roasting the spices help trap the natural flavor and color in it. Also, the heat helps further in purifying the spices.

Using hi-tech machinery to grind the roasted spices in controlled environment, we get the best product without losing the flavor.


Cleaning is done through metal detectors and safety screens which removes dust, stones and metal filings

Our spices are packed in tamper proof attractive bags which give them a longer shelf life and are easy to use and store.